Humans of Spasming Hill minisode: Oleanna Cray, Deflector

A new year and with it some new stuff from our favorite reporters in Spasming Hill! Vermillion Bandersnatch has lured citizens from around the town into the studio for a chat about their strange lives. Today, Oleanna Cray gives the lowdown on Spasming Hill’s premier Thudball team Funkytown Flagrunners, who have been running into some difficulties of late.

Spasming Hill: 2016 Audiocraft Short Feature Competition Entry

This feature was written and recorded in the space of a month for the 2016 Audiocraft Short Feature Competition. Entries had to be original pieces less than 10 minutes in length, and be based around the theme "First". It didn't win, but it's a valuable look back at the start of Rex Zorkel-Smythe's reporting career!


Rex Zorkel-Smythe: Davey Reynolds
Mayor Jacqueline Hyde: Sharon Elkind