Sam Baran face

Sam Baran - creator

Sam is a tall, goofy-looking individual who likes absurdist theatre and writing short stories that somehow always end up as fantastical adventures. Spasming Hill came out of a solo "podcast" he did several years ago and he sure is happy he has other people to do all the voices, because he's really not that good at voices.

Sharon Elkind - Jacqueline Hyde (mayor)

When not recording Sharon is an academic researcher in Asian Studies, focused primarily on Japanese popular culture and East Asian mythology. She also enjoys gaming, reading, writing, drawing, and looking at pictures of cute animals on her Facebook feed.

Davey Reynolds - Rex Zorkel-Smythe (chief reporter, Daily Spasm)

Davey Reynolds isn't a stand-up comedian but he does like to think he's a stand-up guy. According to the internet, Davey is equal to the approximate weight of two large octopi and his resume boasts many octopus-boxing championships. Davey can be described with both general and specific descriptors. He has many skills, which include alphabetising, egg laying and dog-frightening. Consider listening to him say words. You might not regret it.