7 - Corporate Takeover

Thaddeus Bandersnatch has flung back his disguise and his undead agents are flooding the streets of Spasming Hill through the Undecided Portal! It's up to reporters Jacky and Rex to save the day, but they may need a little help from their friends... or enemies.




Warren: Sam Baran
Rex Zorkel-Smythe: Davey Reynolds
Jacqueline Hyde: Sharon Elkind
Thaddeus Bandersnatch: Chris Heaslip
Vermillion Bandersnatch/Trigger the Goat: Ang Collins
Dr. Nogoodnik: Hayley Dinnison

Recorded at 2SER studios. End music "Sailin'" by Skinny Legions.
This episode uses lots of sound effects from www.freesound.org and elsewhere. For a full list of sound credits, check out my sound credits page.