4 - Color Confiscation Day

Gear up for a nice, relaxing Color Confiscation Day - that one day a year where the City Council remands all color to remind us just how valuable they really are. But what's this? Wizard Mayor Vorthox's soda was stolen from the staff room by a thief or thieves unknown? Rex and Jacky are on the case with the help of Lex Flypaper, amateur sleuth and aspirant playwright.



Rex Zorkel-Smythe: Davey Reynolds
Jacqueline Hyde: Sharon Elkind
Lex Flypaper: Peter Bass
Vorthox: Sam Baran
Zeeba/Vermillion Bandersnatch: Ang Collins

Recorded at 2SER studios. End music "Sailin'" by Skinny Legions.
This episode uses lots of sound effects from www.freesound.org and elsewhere. For a full list of sound credits, check out my sound credits page.